Tomb of Sir Ralph Sadleir

Nikolaus Pevsner, the noted twentieth century art historian and author of the ‘Buildings of England’ series, wrote enthusiastically about the Sadleir tombs in the volume on Hertfordshire. He says that they ‘obviously come from leading London workshops’ and he particularly comments on the excellent ribbon work.

The tombs show the children arranged in front of the tomb chest and both Sir Ralph and Sir Thomas are dressed in armour. In Sir Ralph’s case at least this is an allusion to his military career in the 1540s when he served in campaigns against the Scots.

Tomb of Sir Thomas & Lady Gertrude Sadleir
These pictures show examples of the conservation, repair and refurbishment required.
Surface soiling on marble slab
Old Repairs
Accidental damage
White accretions from salt crystals
Delaminating Purbeck marble